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Newsletter 2022 August #4

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Phishing Scams In 2022

The Commonest Form Of Attack: Phishing scams take different forms and their most popular variations can be recognised and prevented with some basic knowledge & awareness. read more


Protecting Medical Devices From Cyber Attacks

Medical Device Cyber Security: Medical devices need robust cyber security which is critical in retaining patient trust in health care technology. read more


Re-strategising Resilience In The Remote Working Age

It’s time to stop adding tools and complexity and start building security operations where cyber security experts are truly empowered. By Rob Smith read more


Ukraine Knocks Out A Russian Bot Network

Ukraine's security services claim to have stopped a network operating over a million bot accounts distributing fake news aiming to destabilise the nation. read more


BlackByte Ransomware Group Have An Update

Version 2.0: Blackbyte are back with some advanced new extortion techniques, including a sophisticated data leak website modelled on Lockbit. read more


Ransomware Used Against Albania Linked To Iran

Roadsweep & Zeroclear: Albania's experience highlights the vulnerability of national IT infrastructure that lacks resilience against sophisticated malware. read more


Lazarus Targets FinTech Engineers With MacOS Malware

Lazarus group is using a malicious macOS exploit to impersonate Coinbase with fake job posting to lure unwitting workers in the FinTech sector. read more


Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Cyber Security

Essential: Effective AI can save money and reduce the risk of breaches as organisations face an ever expanding number of vulnerable endpoints. read more


Seaborgium- Microsoft Disrupts Russian Spies

Reconnaissance, Phishing & Email Collection: A highly persistent Russian threat actor, capable of frequently targeting the same organisations for extended periods. read more

Technology To Combat Human Trafficking

AI, Facial Recognition & Blockchain: There are a growing number of ways in which technology can be applied to combat human trafficking. read more

Blockchain Auditors Say $4m Crypto Theft Enabled By Logging Technology

A $4 million hack on several crypto currency wallet providers is attributed to a misconfiguration in a widely-used logging tool. read more

Xiaomi Phone Bug Enables Theft

A flaw in smartphone maker Xiaomi's operating software could lead to mobile transactions being disabled, replicated and forged. read more

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