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Newsletter 2022 December #1

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Facial Recognition Technology Can Place Children At Risk

Child Protection & Personal Privacy: Online facial recognition search engine PimEyes allows anyone to search for images of children scraped from the Internet. read more


Who Wants To Be A Cyber Millionaire?

Cyber Security Professionals In Hight Demand: Business and investment in the cyber security sector is booming - here are some career suggestions that could make you rich. read more


Twitter's Blue Tick Used To Promote Fake Accounts

Verified Fake: Twitter released its Blue paid verification service only to find that some users immediately began exploiting the new tool for malicious purposes. read more


Phishing- As-A-Service

'Robin Banks' Returns: A notorious phishing-as-a-service platform has new features after relocating to a criminal platform located in Russia. read more


Ransomware Attacks Linked to FIN7

The criminals behind Black Basta ransomware have been linked to hacking exploits conducted by a prolific hacking group known as FIN7. read more


Hidden In Plain Sight

Engineering-Based Cyber Attacks: Control system cyber incidents are both more numerous & more damaging than you might expect - more than 17 million directly resulting in 34,000 deaths. By Joe Weiss read more


Shifting Left In Enterprise Cloud Security

Speed Versus Safety: Companies need to invest in preventative measures to safeguard their cloud estates against cyber attacks. By Stuart Green read more


Outsourcing IT Systems & Data Management Can Be A False Economy

Risky Business: In the connected digital world organisations increasingly rely on outside providers to fulfill their cyber and IT supply chain needs. Is that wise? read more


Five Ways Executives Can Optimize Cyber Security Spending

The Right Tools & People: Just pouring money into cyber security does not automatically result in increased threat  preparedness. By Lee Rossey  read more


Navigating The Evolving Threat Landscape

Top Two Priorities: Organizations must adopt a culture of becoming operationally resilient to survive the evolving threat landscape. By Tom Goodwin read more

The Key To Successful Threat Exposure Management

Simplicity In Complexity: Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is the key that unlocks the convoluted situation of threat handling, bringing order to chaos. read more

How to Combat Common Information Security Threats

Cyber Security Enables Business: Every single business is a target and attacks are only going to become more subtle & more frequent. By Onur Özen read more

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