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Newsletter 2022 December #2

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Cybersecurity Risk Management In The Real World

The cost of implementing a resilient risk management strategy can be quantfied - but the damage to a breached company's reputation is immeasurable. By Ryan Swann read more


Hive Ransomware Gang Makes $100 Million

Over 1,300 Organisations Extorted Since 2021: Education and healthcare institutions are among those targeted by the Hive ransomware group. read more


Fake Instagram Message Attacks Breach Email Security

A sophisticated phishing campaign impersonating Instagram to steal credentials successfully bypassed both Microsoft 365 and Exchange security. read more


Smartphones Are More Vulnerable Than You Think

Ghost Touch: Most mobile phone users of all ages have a smartphone, although few are aware quite how vulnerable these devices are to attacks. read more


Sharing Deepfakes To Be Made  Illegal In Britain

The proposed new law will allow prosecution for recording and sharing intimate images without the need to prove an intention to cause distress. read more


Ericsson Invests In 6G Network Research

Merge The Digital & Physical World: Network equipment maker Ericsson will be investing heavily into 6G mobile connectivity research in Britain. read more


Trump Turns Down Twitter

Elon Musk says that former US President Donald Trump's account has been reinstated after users narrowly backed the move. Trump says No. read more


No Slack In The System

Attack Vector: Internal communication channels are an increasing cybersecurity risk that criminals are using to devastating effect. By David Nelson read more


It’s Well Past 230 For The US Communications Decency Act

Time For Change: US Legislation introduced 26 years ago that was designed to protect & promote growth of the Internet is well past its 'Sell By' date. By Ronald Marks. read more


EU Parliament Website Knocked Offline

Killnet Responds: The EU Parliament experienced a DDos attack following a resolution condemning Russia for state-sponsored terror. read more

Cyber Security Predictions For 2023

Hackers will work together, specializing their skills to deliver ransomware to target selected sectors & victims, making cyber insurance a priority. By Andy Harris read more

The Top 5 Challenges Of Securing Remote Work

Remote Working Is Now An Expected Privilege: A survey says that 60% of decision makers expect this to increase their risk of a breach. By Jon Fielding read more

Defending Against North Korea's Cyber Threats

The US and South Korea are to cooperate on mutual defense measures to combat the criminal capabilities of North Korea's state sponsored hackers. read more

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