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Newsletter 2022 December #3

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Misconfigured Cloud Applications Are Putting Your Data At Risk

Shared Responsibility: When it comes to cloud applications, there’s no such thing as “security that is 100% handled by the vendor.” By Manuel Sanchez read more


US Defense Contractors Don't Meet Basic Cyber Security Standards

Defenseless: Almost 90% of US defense contractors do not meet the basic cyber security requirements that are considered vital to protect national security. read more


Chinese Hackers Steal $20m US Covid Relief Benefits

Chinese state-sponsored hacking group APT41 took advantage of the chaos caused by the pandemic to steal from a US fund supporting small businesses. read more


Password Manager LastPass Gets Hacked

The leading password management firm, whose software is used by 33 million users, has disclosed it has been breached for a second time this year. read more


The Current Market  For Cyber Security Founders & Investors

Strong IP, sustainable growth potential and a large defined addressable market will help start-ups to grow & prosper. By Damien Henault read more


Proactive Security Tips For Your Business After A Security Breach

Has your business fallen victim to a security breach? Consider the benefits of these security tips, tools & technologies to refortify your security. read more


What Should CISO’s Look Out For In 2023?

Stand By For Turbulence: Four key emerging trends that were observed this year and are expected to continue to grow throughout 2023. By Jonathan Lee read more


The Role Of Policies In Driving ‘Secured Productivity’

Delivering A Strong Security & Privacy Policy: Effective information security & data protection policy is a basic business need. By Scott Richardson read more


Resilience Is Essential To Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Risks Of Blackout: Geopolitical tensions are placing pressure on Britain's energy supply, requiring a robust defence to cyber threats By Simon West read more

The Need For OT-centric Cyber Security Strategies

There is an urgent need to improve cyber security for Operational Technology and this must start with education and research. By Reinhard Mayr read more

Top Cybersecurity Advice For In-House Counsel

Cybersecurity is a key consideration for any company and has recently been highlighted as one of the top three issues for Chief Legal Officers. By Robert Kang  read more

Remote Work: Three Top Trends In 2023

IT Service Management: Three major trends that will impact remote work and the business practices around it in 2023. By Alexander Draaijer read more

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