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Newsletter 2022 February #1

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Academic Institutions At Risk Of Cyber Attacks

A combination of confidential personal information, commercially desirable research data, plus a culture of openness in higher education, makes Colleges & Universities prime targets. read more


Artificial Intelligence Is Increasingly Important In Cyber Security

Force Multiplier: AI offers major advantages for protecting people, systems & organisations from the relentlessly growing range of cyber threats. read more


Millions Of IoT Devices At Risk To Malware

Source code of a previously unknown malware named BotenaGo has been made widely available via GitHub, threatening millions of exposed IoT devices. read more


Russia's Cyber War Operations Begin

The US and British cyber security agencies are warning organisations to prepare for cyber attacks on critrical infrasructure, as Ukraine tensions escalate. read more


Britain's Cyber Security Strategy Focuses On Resilience

The British government has announced its Cyber Security Strategy to protect vital public services in local government from the risk of destructive cyber attacks. read more


Canadian Government Ministry Under Attack

Canada's critical infrastructure operators are told to prepare for Russian state-sponsored cyber threats as the foreign ministry comes under attack. read more


Ransomware Attack On French Ministry of Justice

It is a mistake to think that national goverenment agencies are more skilled at protecting their critical data than private sector organisations. read more


Google Sued over 'Deceptive' Location Tracking

Dark Patterns: Google denies that consumers using its products were unable to prevent the technology firm from collecting & profiting from their location data. read more


DDoS Attack Knocks Out Andorra's Internet

Incidents in Andorra & Belarus demonstrate the dangerous vulnerability of small states with unitary telecoms infrastructure to external attack. read more


North Korea's Internet Is Faltering

Nationwide Shutdown: Domain names ending in ".kp," which includes all websites for North Korea's state-run media outlets have began to fall over. read more


Winner: NSA Best Cyber Security Research Paper

The US spy agency runs an annual competition to find the best cyber security scientific research. This year's winner is all about cryptography. read more

‘Honey Trap’ Sites Recruiting Israeli Spies

False Flags & Fake Dating Sites: There is a poliferation of websites offering well paid jobs and romantic fulfillment in an escalating online conflict. read more

Russian Hackers Go After Gloucester

IT Quarantine: Gloucester City Council has suffered a serious cyber security incident which has shut down some of its vital local services for over a month. read more

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