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Newsletter 2022 February #2

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Is US Cyber Security Actually Improving?

The US Government is mandating Federal Agencies to move to a 'ZeroTrust' approach to cyber security and to implement multilayer user authentication. read more


Britain Aims To Protect Children From Online Pornography

Pornography websites will have to carry out age checks & require British users to provide credit card or passport details to prove they are over 18. read more


EU Fines For GDPR Breaches Increase Fivefold

EU data regulators issued €1.1 billion in General Data Protection Regulation fines last year, a 585% increase compared to 2020. read more


Cyber Criminals Frustrated By Russian Crypto Currency Rules

How To Spend It: New restrictions on using crypto currencies are making life more difficult for Russia's prolific ransomware specialists. read more


Facebook Tanks

Facebook's parent company Meta lost 25% of its stock market valuation because the number of its users fell as they move away to rival platforms. read more


The Importance Of Securing OT Platforms

The Effects Of Industry 4.0: Higher levels of automation & data exchange in manufacturing industry bring more cyber security risk for Operating Technology systems. read more


The Cyber Skills Shortage Is Not Getting Any Better

A New Kind Of CISO: Cyber security managers say the lack of the right skills is still the most significant barrier to their ability to do the job. read more


Google & Facebook Will Have To Pay British Newspapers

Social media firms dominate the digital advertising business and British legislators intend to compel them to pay publishers for their content. read more


News Corp. Journalists Hacked

Chinese hackers are suspected of targeting US and British newspaper journalists at the Wall Street Journal and The London Times in an operation to get access to intelligence from their sources. read more


Spy Chief Warns US Government Is Classifying Too Much Data

With 18 different and sometimes competing national intelligence agencies, the US is finding that sharing critical information is just too difficult. read more


Beware PowerPoint Files With Hidden Malware

Socially Engineered Email: The latest covert method that threat actors are using to target desktop users is through trusted sofware applications. read more

High-Tech Lie Detection Systems

Brain-scanning technologies & cheaper computing power offer powerful new lie-detection tools based on measuring cognitive changes. read more

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