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Newsletter 2022 February #3

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An Invasion Of Ukraine Might Coincide With Cyber Attacks On Western  Banks

Russia could conduct sophisticated cyber attacks on the international banking sector if it doesn't get concessions over NATO's ties with Ukraine. read more


Russian Cyber Attacks On Ukraine Increase

Cyber attacks will form part of a broad campaign if Russia invades Ukraine, with malware and online disinformation among the weapons deployed. read more


Military Operating Systems Bring AI To The Battlefield

USA vs China: There is an arms race in Artificial Intelligence with the aim to gain decision-making dominance on the battlefield of the future. read more


Cyber Security Regulations For Smart Devices

Smartphones, TVs, Speakers & Routers: The British government has introduced new legislation to better protect consumers' IoT devices. read more


Qbot Malware Can Read Your Email

Despite its age, Qbot malware has been continually developed and continues to be a dangerous and persistent threat to organisations. read more


Making Security Seamless - The Common Identity Platform

By establishing a Common Identity Platform, it is perfectly possible to achieve a seamless identity management service. By Jacob Ideskog read more


British Foreign Office Hacked

Britain's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office needed 'urgent support' when unidentified hackers got inside their network systems. read more


Ransomware Attacks On Transport & Logistics Centres

Planes, Ships & Automobiles: In separate incidents, several European transport & logistics hubs have suffered similar ransomware attacks. read more


Online Fraud Is A British Security Nightmare

Crime Epidemic: Britain has become the  target destination for global fraudsters, to a level where it is now considered a threat to national security. read more


A Quick Guide To Remote Code Execution (RCE)

When someone takes remote control of your computer there is a real risk that malware is being installed without your knowledge. By Madeline Miller read more


Protecting Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

Your small business could be vulnerable to attack and learning more about prevention and training can keep your employees safe. By Charlie Svensson read more

Autonomous Technology To Prevent Collisions At Sea

The US Navy is looking for autonomous collision avoidance and control  technologies capable of supporting safe navigation in its ships & submarines. read more

Most SMEs Do Not Provide Cyber Security Training

A study reveals that 62% of SMEs have experienced a cyber attack, yet 48% admit their employees have not had recent cyber security training. read more

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