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Newsletter 2022 February #4

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Protect Your Organisation - Know Your Enemy

Being able to identify, protect, detect, respond to and recover from cyber threats is vital. You need to know your enemy, your battlefield & yourself. By Ryan Weeks read more


Ukraine Defence Ministry & Banks Under Cyber Attack

The Ukraine Stratcom Centre says that 'false flag' attacks on its Defence Ministry and two banking websites are intended to spread alarm & confusion. read more


The EU Mobilises Its Cyber Rapid Response Team To Deal With Russia

Ukraine is at the front line in global cyber conflict and a testbed for intelligence services to deploy their offensive cyber and espionage tools. read more


UK Warns Of Russian Cyber Attacks

British firms and public services should brace themselves for cyber attacks as tensions with Russia escalate over a potential invasion of Ukraine. read more


Digital Advertising Fraud Will Cost $68 Billion This Year

A Juniper Research study predicts that the value of digital advertising spend lost to fraud will reach $68 billion globally in 2022, up from $59 billion in 2021. read more


The New Security Demands Of Our Hybrid Working Future

Remote user access has become the new normal, but the rapid transition means that some businesses are not adequately prepared. By Ian Porteous read more


Facebook To Pay $90m Penalty For Tracking Users

Facebook was accused of breaking US state laws by using plug-ins to store cookies that tracked users visiting websites containing Facebook “like” buttons, even after thay had logged out. read more


Rewired: An AI That Can Learn Like A Human Brain

A brain-inspired computer chip that is capable of rewiring itself as it learns, could transform development of human-level Artificial Intelligence. read more


Jailed For A Revenge Attack After Being Fired

A British IT technician has been jailed for a revenge cyber attack on a school after being sacked for not disclosing a record of criminality. read more


Vodafone Portugal Has Been Hacked

A “deliberate and malicious” cyber attack targeting Vodafone Portugal succeeded in knocking mobile networks offline across the country. read more

Apple Updates AirTag To Combat Stalkers

Apple will update the iPhone and AirTag software with a warning message that using AirTags to track people is a crime in many jurisdictions. read more

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