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Newsletter 2022 January #1

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Log4j Cyber Security Flaw Seriously Concerns Experts

The Log4j vulnerability is being widely exploited by a growing number of threat actors, prompting government agencies to take swift action. read more


Most British Workers Are Unaware Of Cyber Threats

Don't Know, Don't Care: Only a quarter of UK employees are aware of cyber risks, although more than half of them have been affected by an attack. read more


British Plan To Become A ‘Global Cyber Power’ In 2022

Britain plans to advance in cyberspace and will support its workforce & industry in upgrading the technologies vital to developing its cyber power. read more


Malicious Joker App Gets Half A Million Downloads

Joker Malware is a persistent threat that infects legitimate apps then steals from users by subscribing them to unwanted paid-for services. read more


Cyber Attack On Britain’s Defence Academy

Revealed: A damaging attack on Britain's national Defence Academy, possibly by Russian or Chinese hackers, is an indication of how modern warfare is evolving. read more


Cyber Revolution In The Media & Entertainment Industry

Media & Entertainment companies are increasingly becoming targets for cyber crime as their business models swiftly evolve in the digital era. read more


The Cyber Security Risks Of Outsourcing

Out Of Control: IT outsourcing is a major contributor to cyber security risk exposure and the consequences of a breach can be very damaging. read more


Disinformation Is A Prevalent Threat

Disinformation-For-Hire: Advertising, Marketing and PR companies are busy manipulating online opinion for politicians & governments. read more


NSO Spyware Used To Hack Political Leaders In Poland

Spyware from NSO Group has been used to hack leading opposition politicians in Poland, in the latest instance of covert surveillance. read more


Pegasus & Not-For-Profit Cyber Security - What Are The Risks?

It's never been more important for charities to prioritise their cyber security, especially for those involved in humanitarian efforts. By Kitty Bates. read more


The Top 10 Most Severe Vulnerabilities In 2021

Gain insights into the top 10 most critical vulnerabilities of 2021 to ensure that your system is not a sitting duck for remote attackers. read more

Artificial Intelligence Monitors Critical Infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence and video surveillance tools are being being increasingly adopted to monitor and protect critical infrastructure facilities. read more

Belgium’s Military Suffer From Log4j Attack

The Belgian Defence Ministry's computer network is being restored to full operation  following an attack delivered via Log4shell vulnerabilities. read more

British Tax Agency Admits Numerous Data Breaches

The HMRC has disclosed 17 breaches in 15 months from 2020, affecting 3,000 individuals, most resulting from unauthorised changes to personal records. read more

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