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Newsletter 2022 January #2

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More Women Needed In Cyber Security

STEM Really Matters: The cyber security industry is an attractive and lucrative career path and much more should be done to direct women into highly skilled jobs. read more


Apple’s Cyber Security Flaws Did Not Stop It Reaching $3 Trillion

Apple has hit a record market valuation of $3tn, even although it turns out that what happens on your iPhone, does not always stay on your iPhone. read more


Cyber Security Threats In 2022

Ransomware & Remote Working: The key issue for business cyber security is to make  the transition from reactive to proactive behaviour. read more


Avoid Being A Victim Of Cyber Crime - Get Audited

A cyber security audit is a systematic evaluation of a company's information security by measuring how well it conforms to an established set of criteria. read more


The Complexities Of Operational Technology Make It  Vulnerable

Industrial organisations need to adapt quickly to the expansion of cyber security threats to protect their complex Operational Technology systems. read more


SIM Swapping Attacks Caused T-Mobile Breach

T-Mobile Incident Report: SIM swapping makes it possible for attackers to take control of a target's mobile phone number and other personal data. read more


The Cyber Skills Shortage & Training Gap - What Is The Solution?

Oganisations must understand the importance of cyber security technologies & professional skills before they suffer an attack. By Thorsten Stremlau read more


Kazakhstan Shuts Down The Internet

State Of Emergency: The Kazakhstan government switched off the Internet in response to violent protests, bringing the economy to a halt. read more


Super Intelligent Machines Need An Off Switch

They're Already Here: An AI system with superior intelligence to humans could learn independently & have access to all human  data, with unknown consequence. read more


What To Expect From Data Science In 2022

What's Going On: Data science is being applied to multiple industries for different purposes across a broad range of business operations. read more


Azure Active Directory Recycle Bin Won’t Save Your  Data

Failing to monitor activity across all Active Directory environments without an effective backup strategy can lead to disaster.  By Greg Jones read more

African Nations Join UN  Cyber Crime Initiative

In 2050, one in four of the world’s people will come from sub-Saharan Africa - their current digital challenges need to be addressed. By Karen Allen read more

Russia Fines Google For Illegal Content Breach

Google is fined 7.2 billion roubles in a revenue-related penalty for the repeated failure to delete content which is illegal under Russian law. read more

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