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Newsletter 2022 January #3

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REvil Cyber Ransomware Gang Members Arrested

REvil Has Ceased To Exist: Russian law enforcement has dismantled the notorious ransomware group, confiscated their assets and made over a dozen arrests. read more


Ukraine Government Hit By Massive Cyber Attacks

"Be Afraid And Expect The Worst": Ukrainian government websites hijacked & plastered with threatening messages as Russian hackers get busy. read more


Update:  Russia Responsible For Cyber Attacks On Ukraine 

Russia is accused of WhisperGate malware attacks that defaced websites, leaving numerous infected Ukraine Government computers permanently wiped. read more


War Is Coming’ - TikTok Used To Scare Swedish Children

Swedish youngsters who are heavy TikTok users are being frightened by a mysterious disinformation campaign threatening an impending war. read more


Major Dark Net Site Is Closing Down

Going Out Of Business: UniCC, the largest illegal marketplace on the Dark Net controlling 30% of stolen card payment data worth $350m, is closing. read more


Corporate Cyber Attacks Increased By  50% Last Year

2021 saw a 50% increase in cyber attacks per week on corporate networks compared to 2020, peaking in December, largely due to Log4J exploits. read more


Europol Ordered To Delete Its 'Big Data Ark'

The EU data protection regulator has ordered Europol to destroy six years worth of crime reports, phone surveillance records and other critical intelligence. read more 


Facebook Hosted A Surge Of Fake News Prior To Capitol Riot

The social media platform's efforts to control misinformation posted on Facebook groups calling for violent confrontation with the US government failed dismally. read more


Process Sensor Cyber Security Is A Vital Issue

The gap between process sensor cyber security and process safety is a critical vulnerability in many industries, calling for expert scrutiny. By Joe Weiss read more


North Korean Hackers Stole $400m In Crypto Currency

North Korean cyber criminals have had a record year in 2021, launching attacks on crypto currency platforms, investment firms & centralised exchanges. read more


Google Buys Siemplify For $500m

A Watershed Moment: Google has acquired Israeli threat detection firm Siemplify and says it wants to ‘change the rules’ of threat detection and response. read more

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