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Newsletter 2022 July #2

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CISA Detects Many New Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

CISA has detected 36 new vulnerabilities in frequent use by cyber criminals as attack vectors which pose significant risks to government & business. read more


Elon Musk Isn't Buying Twitter

Musk says he wants to back out of the $44B deal because Twitter has failed to provide enough information about fake & spam accounts.  read more


US Health Providers Targeted With Ransomware

CISA Points The Finger At N.Korea: The US security agency recommends that companies in the healthcare industry take a zero-trust, identity first approach. read more


Exposed: Sensitive Data Of 146,000 Aon Customers

The commercial insurance giant, Aon, calls itself the 'go-to cyber response team.' But hackers breached its systems for well over a year. read more


Bluetooth Devices Can Covertly Track Mobile Users

A Significant Privacy Risk: Your smartphone & laptop give off unique Bluetooth radio signals that can be identified and used to track your location. read more


Phishing Attacks Will Use Generative Machine Learning

Phishing attacks will get more sophisticated as criminals turn to Machine Learning techniques that can analyse datasets & generate attack vectors. read more


Chainalysis Crypto Theft Hotline

Crypto Incident Response: The service is for victims of a hack or ransomware attack in which crypto currency is either demanded or stolen. read more


New Scanning Tool Protects Websites From Attack

A 'black box' prototype is more effective than existing web scanners, which collectively fail to detect the top 10 weaknesses in web applications. read more


Creating A Culture Of Cyber Security Throughout An Organisation

Some CISOs struggle to gain immediate internal acceptance of cyber security initiatives. That's becasue it is really a two-way process. By Michael Cantor read more


Who Was Responsible For Hacking Both IBM & Stanford University?

Hackers delivered a module containing hidden desktop takeover capabilities by exploiting clicks on seeming innocuous advertisements. read more

How To Build A Security Awareness Training Program

Are you responsible for the information assets of your organization? Then you need to have an effective security awareness training program. By Stacie Orlandi read more

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