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Newsletter 2022 July #3

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Ransomware Is Driving Cyber Security Professionals To Consider Quitting

Persistent ransomware threats and looming, large-scale attacks are pushing some security professionals towards leaving their chosen career. read more


Was An Explosion At A US Gas Export Terminal Caused By Russian Hackers?

Suspicion: The Freeport LNG explosion that forced Europe to keep buying Russian gas looks a lot like a Control System cyber attack. By Joe Weiss read more


One Million Extortion Emails Blocked Every Day

Researchers are warning of a proliferation of extortion emails, up to two million daily at peak periods, reporting that these typically have a sexual theme and demand payment in Bitcoin. read more


Conversational Commerce Is Going To Be Big - But Could Be Risky

Cyber security threats are emerging as more people are using mobile messaging platforms to browse, shop & contact customer services. By Dario Betti read more


A New Era of Ransomware

Governments can learn useful lessons about how they can protect themselves against future ransomware threats from the recent wave of cyber attacks in Costa Rica. By Deryck Mitchelson read more


Apple Will Block Spyware Attacks

Lockdown Mode: Apple has announced that it will introduce a new security feature on all iOS devices to protect high-risk users against spyware. read more


How Do You Solve A Problem Like The Cyber Security Skills Gap?

The Human Element: It may come as a surprise to some people, but cyber security is not about technology - it's about people. By Rob Demain read more


Coming Soon: Your Digital Twin

A digital twin is an exact virtual replica of something that exists in the physical world, but with a unique mission to test and improve the real-life version. read more


What To Look For In A Cyber Essentials Assessment Partner

The NCSC Cyber Essentials schemes have been updated. Take this opportunity to make sure you ace the new assessment. By Steve Whiter read more


Cyber Security In Fintech

Top 5 tips to enhance cyber security in fintech companies, where extraordinary cyber attacks are encountered on a day-to-day basis. By Ryan Jason read more

Iranian Hackers Try Intercepting Israel Government Emails

Detected: A string of phishing attempts by hackers who targeted envoys, politicians, defense officials, academics and business executives. read more

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