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Newsletter 2022 July #4

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Phishing - The Game Is Changing

Phishing Gets Personal: Email fraud is evolving with new tactics, using social media, psychological methods, machine learning & automation. read more


Migrating To The Cloud: Security Risks & Concerns

Many companies are hesitant about Cloud migration because of security concerns, but that really is a shared responsibility with the provider. By Clive Madders read more


Lives Are At Stake As More US Hospitals Are Hacked

The potentially devastating consequences for medical facilities may be one of the reasons that hackers have identified them as a high-profile targets. read more


Albanian Government Agencies Fall Victim To A Large-Scale Attack

Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine: Now Albania has all been targeted with widespread attacks on government websites and online services. read more


Hackers Set Fire To An Iranian Steelworks

Predatory Sparrow: A mystery hacking group claiming responsibility for an online attack which ignited a major fire is a significant hostile escalation. read more


A Major Skills Training Initiative From (ISC)2

(ISC)2 are promising to put one million people through its foundation Certified in Cybersecurity entry-level exam, free of charge. read more


Magecart Attacks Hit Hundreds Of US Restaurants

50,000 Payment Cards Compromised: Online ordering platforms have become a high-value target for criminals using Magecart e-skimmer attacks. read more


Companies Going To War On Social Media

Social media is increasingly being used by businesses to spread misinformation, or downright lies, to discredit their commercial rivals. read more


Google & Oracle Turn Off Servers In The Heatwave

Overheating: Google and Oracle suffered outages as cooling systems failed at London data centres, affecting some cloud and other services. read more


Millions Of Canadian Households & Businesses Offline

Network Upgrade Failure: More than 10 million customers of Rogers Communications were knocked offline in a 19-hour nationwide outage. read more

FBI Issues A Warning To Users Of Crypto Currency Apps

The FBI has released an advisory warning crypto currency investors to be wary of fraudulent apps that aim to steal money from victims. read more

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