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Newsletter 2022 June #3

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Critical Business Systems Left Unmonitored & Insecure

Risky Business: Over 40% of companies don't  include their core IT infrastructure systems in their routine cyber security monitoring activities. read more


Zoom Can Expose You To Cyber Attacks

The video-conference platform Zoom has disclosed four new software problems and vulnerabilities that can expose its users to cyber attacks. read more


Estonia Fears Cyber Attacks Will Rise Because Of War In Ukraine

Estonia's national cyber security is a critical investment and its government is finding ways to improve resilience and to build sophisticated offensive capabilities. read more


Penetration Testing For An Effective Cyber Security Defence

Penetration Testing: A professionally simulated attack to identify the weak spots in an IT system's defences which attackers could take advantage of. read more


Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Future Of The World

The continued rapid development of technology, plus research in quantum computing, gives AI the potential to evolve at high speed. read more


Using Artificial Intelligence In Military Operations

In modern warfare there is a necessity to keep pace with the volume and complexity of data being generated and now the US military is turning to AI. read more


Innovative Cyber Training

Making cyber security skills more accessible, this training course provides insight into ‘everything cyber’, scheduled to fit around participants’ day jobs. read more


Ransomware - Get A Step Ahead

A Global Threat: No government, large, medium or small business, or any other organisation is immune to a ransomware attack. read more


Ransomware’s Serious Effects On Cyber Security

Survey Results: Ransomware has rapidly evolved from a criminal 'malware incident' to a national security threat, in some cases successfully extorting $millions. read more


Ransomware & Cybercrime

Reading List: An important new book demonstrates how cyber attacks, in their different forms & varieties, all require one simple thing. Access. read more

Data Breaches & Identity Theft

Is Your Online Classroom Secure? Three common security problems in the online classroom and the remedial  measures to deal with them. By Diane Wong read more

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