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Newsletter 2022 June #4

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Russia - Unplugged

Russia is ready and prepared to drop off the worldwide web as a defensive measure to protect its national infrastructure against foreign cyber attacks. read more


US Military Hackers At Work Supporting Ukraine

Keyboards Preferred To Missiles: Cyber Command's General Paul Nakasone confirms that US keyboard warriors are helping Ukraine in its war against Russia. read more


Warning: Chinese Cyber Attacks

US security agencies say that Chinese state-sponsored threat actors are actively targeting telecoms and other infrastructure across a wide range of service providers. read more


REvil Have Returned - Or Have They?

Criminals claiming to be from that extinct ransomware gang are threatening Akamai customers with a DDoS attack and demanding Bitcoin. read more


British Defence Ministry Gets A Quantum Computer

The British government has got its first quantum computer to process complex calculations at high speed and is focusing on military applications. read more


Elon Musk, YouTube & Bitcoin

Crypto Fraud: YouTube is being criticised for failing to tackle a network of cyber criminals streaming fake Elon Musk videos to steal from viewers. read more


Cloud Computing & Security: What Enterprises Should Know

What are the things that enterprises need to know regarding the maintenance of data in the cloud - is it really safe & secure? By Nicholas Parker read more


The Internet & Freedom Of The Press

The Internet was conceived as a borderless network permitting the free flow of information around the world, but in many countries, barriers and controls are proliferating. read more


Email Security Threat Report

Phishing, Vishing & Smishing: Threat intelligence firm Armorblox has produced detailed research which examines the changing threat landscape for business email users. read more


For Sale: Academic Credentials

The FBI is warning universities & colleges that illegally obtained user accounts & other valuable credentials are available for sale on the Dark Web. read more

Channel Islands Used To Launch Cyber Attacks

Usually a target for attack, computers in Jersey have been hijacked and used to launch cyber attacks against target organisations worldwide. read more

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