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Newsletter 2022 March #1

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Financial Services, Online Banking & Cyber Security

Banking is changing with a new generation of Fintech-led virtual banks. Can they protect their customers' data any better than traditional banks? read more


The Online Battle In Ukraine

Ukraine's invasion is Europe's first experience of conflict in the digital age. Social media, the Internet & Telecoms networks have been weaponised. read more


Russian Cyber Crime Group Issues A Warning

Conti, a powerful cyber crime group, has announced its “full support” for the Putin government and says it will attack opponents of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. read more


Toyota Shut Down Japanese Plants In A Supply Chain Attack

Toyota's car manufacturing operations shutdown by “system failures at a domestic supplier” resulting from a targeted supply chain attack. read more


E-Commerce Site Exposed Children Worldwide

A critical cloud data bucket was left accessible without authentication controls in place, exposing the sensitive data of hundreds of thousands of customers. read more


He's Back: Trump’s New Social Media Platform

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook & YouTube in the wake of the Capitol riots in 2021. Now he's built his own social media platform. read more


The Increasing Use Of Encryption For Malicious Purposes

Older Servers Are More Vulnerable: Attackers have dicovered there is strong correlation between poor HTTPS configurations and vulnerable web servers. read more


Extortion: Most British Firms Pay The Ransom

British companies are the most likely to pay cyber criminals, with over 80% of businesses paying ransomware demands, twice the global average. read more


The Frailty Of Email

Education Is Critical: Email is a key component in doing business but it is aso a common carrier of malicious content. By Colin Tankard read more


Russian Hackers Account For 74% of Ransomware Proceeds

Over $400 million worth of crypto currency ransom payments made by victims went to groups "highly likely to be affiliated with Russia". read more


Nvidia Hit With Malware

The US computer chip maker has been incapacitated for days by a mystery cyber attack, with a risk their design software has been compromised. read more

The Most Expensive Data Breaches

A new study from Surfshark calculates the costs of the largest data breaches in today's terms, to estimate the real cost of the biggest data breaches. read more

CYRIN Enters A Strategic Alliance With Cyber Ireland

The company behind CYRIN Cyber Range and Munster Technological University have agreed a strategic partnership for workforce training in Ireland. read more

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