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Newsletter 2022 March #2

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Update: The Online War In Ukraine

As events in Ukraine move quickly, it has become clear that this is the first armed conflict to use the Internet as an alternative front-line. read more


Russia Threatens To Block Wikipedia

Don't Mention Ukraine: The national communications  & media regulator, Roskomnadzor, says that if editors don't comply, it will block all of Wikipedia from Russia. read more


Russia's Top Spy Agency Runs Fake News At Home

The GRU military intelligence agency is behind many effective domestic online operations and is probably Russia's most capable spy agency. read more


Ukraine Targeted With Ghostwriter Phishing Campaign

An intense phishing campaign on Ukraine is linked to a Belarussian hacking group known to have attacked Poland and other EU member nations. read more


Making Sense Of The Edge

Modern manufacturing processes generate colossal quantities of data and Edge Computing can perform a vital role to control the smooth running of the smart factory. By Martyn Williams read more


Mark Zuckerberg's Vision: How AI Will Unlock The Metaverse

The metaverse, a futuristic idea of virtual environments where users can work, socialise and play, will ultimately replace the mobile Internet. read more


NATO Tests A Post-Quantum VPN

Post-Quantum technology provides a range of powerful algorithms to ensure security, even when facing attackers using quantum computing. read more


Microsoft Exchange Exploited By ‘Cuba’

The Cuba ransomware gang target vulnerabilities on public-facing Microsoft Exchange software to help them detect susceptible networks. read more


Phishers Are Moving In On LinkedIn

Caution: Phishers are focused on using LinkedIn in attempts to steal your critical  data. If you get sent a link to via an email, SMS/text or instant message, don't click on it. read more 


British Schools At Risk Of Cyber Attacks

Three quarters of Head Teachers believe their school faces an increased risk of being exposed to a cyber incident because of remote learning. read more

Kaspersky Provokes Controversy

#BoycottKaspersky: Russian cyber security pioneer Eugene Kaspersky gets a stinging response to his comments about the invasion of Ukraine. read more

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