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Newsletter 2022 May #1

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Cyber Attacks On Ukraine Are Increasing

Espionage & Intelligence: Attacks on Ukraine targets have tripled since the attempted invasion when compared with the same period last year. read more


Lapsus$ Hackers Targeted T-Mobile

Teenage Rampage: The Lapsus$ hacking group got acces to T-Mobile’s source code using stolen credentials, aiming to extort users.Then they were finally arrested. read more


Improve Your Cyber Security On World Password Day

Using the same passwords on multiple websites increases your cyber risk. Here is how to better protect your online accounts. By Adenike Cosgrove read more


Three Vital Concerns For Companies Running Hybrid Cloud Environments

The threat of a data breach and consequent data loss is a dangerous possibility for companies that run hybrid cloud environments. By Florian Malecki read more


Government Cloud On-Ramping

Britain's government agencies are wasting huge sums on outdated systems, when reliable, lower cost cloud-based alternatives are readily available. By Paul German read more


Hackers Are Blasting Facebook Users With Phishing Emails

A False Sense Of Urgency: A large scale phishing campaign is targeting Facebook users to steal their passwords & other personal information. read more


FBI Is Looking For BlackCat

Wanted: IP addresses, Bitcoin addresses, transaction IDs, communications and a sample of an encrypted file to catch prolific criminals. read more


Cyber Criminals Increasingly Focus On Mobile Devices

Mobile platforms supply an ever increasing number of distributed endpoints and their security is no longer an option for businesses. By Ian Porteous. read more


EU Officials Targeted with Pegasus Spyware

Unprecedented Intrusion: Senior European Union officials, including the Justice Commissioner, were targeted with Pegasus spyware. read more

Identity Access Management  Essentials

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a critical element of an organisation's IT infrastructure, and its importance is growing. By Stefan Nilsson read more

The Role Of AI In Data Analysis

Right now, AI is capable of performing at the same skill level as humans but with the advantages of high scalability and no need for pauses. read more

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