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Newsletter 2022 May #2

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Is Europe Ready For Cyber Warfare?

The European Commission wants an EU-wide “cyber shield” of security operations centres to provide an early-warning system for cyber attack. read more


Five Eyes Warn Of Russian Cyber Attacks

Five Eyes intelligence call for immediate action by critical infrastructure organisations to “prepare for and mitigate potential cyber threats”. read more


Anonymous Launch An Attack On Rosneft

The hacking collective Anonymous claim they have stolen 20 Terabytes of data from a major Russian oil company, knocking its systems offline. read more


Are Your Employees The Weakest Link Against Cyber Crime?

The vast majority of cyber attacks involve some kind of employee error. A well-trained workforce is the greatest defence you can have. By Steve Whiter read more


Find Your Security Vulnerability Before Hackers Do

Where is your network the most vulnerable? Here is a three point plan to fix the problem now, before hackers exploit it. By Keith Bromley read more


Only 3% Of Cyber Security Startups Are Led By Women

A new report finds that of the 654 startups that raised more than $1,000,000 in funding in 2020 and 2021, only 22 were led by female CEOs. read more


Cyber Security Investment Activity Might Be About To Slow Down 

M&A activity grew to $70 billion in 2021 and reached almost $27 billion by the end Q1 2022, but there are signs that investors are growing more cautious. read more


Predictive Analytics Are The Future For Cyber Security

Organisations need a strategy to protect themselves and their customers' data from growing cyber security threats. Predictive Analytics can help do that. read more


Special Measures To Deal With Quantum Technology

The US wants to speed up the domestic development of quantum technology, while at the same time adddressing the risks it presents to secure communications. read more


India Issues A Directive For Reporting Cyber Incidents

The Indian government has issued a directive requiring organisations to report cyber security incidents to CERT-IN within six hours of their discovery. read more

Cybersecurity Lessons From Ancient History

Nothing New: Ransomware operates in the same way as the Trojan Horse did and history can teach us a lot about cyber security today. By Phil Ashley read more

A History Of Cyber Security

Understanding the history of cyber security may help shed some light on how to take effective steps to keep Internet users safe today. read more

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