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Newsletter 2022 May #3

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The Big Cyber Security Threats That You Can Prepare For

No organisation is really safe online: There are a wide range of risks and the best defence you can have is awareness of the major types of threat and to train your people. read more


British Cyber Security At Risk From Russia

Britain's security Minister and his spy agency chiefs agree that the cyber war in Ukraine is spreading and a nationwide response is needed. read more


Elon Musk's Deal To Buy Twitter Comes To A Standstill

Twitter is having problems calculating just how many fake accounts are on their platform and it could now be that Elon Musk wants to renegotiate the terms. read more


Pre-Invasion Attacks On Ukraine

An Assessment: More evidence is emerging about the extent and timing of a string of cyber attacks launched on Ukraine just before the invasion began. read more


Cyber Attack: Costa Rica Declares A State Of Emergency 

The Conti cyber crime group are holding the government of Costa Rica to ransom in a wide-ranging attack that has knocked state agencies offline. read more


Bitcoin Tanks

Widely used to facilitate cyber crime, frustrate law enforcement, evade regulation and guzzle energy, it turns out that Bitcoin is also a lousy investment. read more


Some Apps Come Loaded With Malware

App stores share a common threat profile and the fact that some apps come loaded with malware presents an  immediate risk to millions of unsuspecting users. read more


Wanted: Access To Social Media Data

Despite its enormous influence and large scale manipulation by malicious actors, Social Media remains opaque and resistant to detailed analysis. read more


Google’s New Security Features

Google is giving users much more control over personal privacy and the adverts they are served, as well as better security for online payments. read more


Investment Scams Are Increasing

Britain's financial regulator is warning people to beware of fake financial advisers offering investment schemes via online meeting platforms. read more


A Short History Of Cyber Crime & Its Motivations

Cyber crime is human criminal behavior but amplified, empowered & delivered with unprecedented power and with greater opportunity for concealment. read more

Threat Hunting Solutions

It's crucial for organizations to utilize proactive cyber threat hunting in building, securing and maintaining their security infrastructure. read more

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