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Newsletter 2022 May #4

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Clearview Pays £7.5m For Illegally Storing Facial Images

Facial recognition company Clearview AI has been fined £7.5m by the British regulator and told to delete the data of British residents that it holds. read more


Cyber Attacks On Ukraine Step Up The Pressure

Russia's cyber offensive against Ukraine continues with malware attacks and misinformation. Russia's own citizens are now also being targeted. read more


CISA Detect Vulnerabilities In VMWare Products

Random Disconnection: CISA says unpatched VMWare devices should be considered to be compromised and urgenty need to be checked. read more


European Union  Agrees New Cyber Security Legislation

NIS 2: The EU has reached agreement on new legislation to impose common cyber security standards on critical EU industry sectors. read more


Personal Data Of Two Million Texans Left Exposed For Years

Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and other personal information were exposed for more than 2 years to anyone who knew how to find it. read more


Conti Attack US Precision Engineering Business

A leading maker of aerospace systems has confirmed that it was hit by hackers, who then exposed employees’ personally identifiable information. read more


Satellite Systems Security Needs To Be Reinforced Against Cyber Attack

Cyberspace is the 'soft underbelly' of satellite communications systems and the real vulnerabilities exist on the ground rather than in space. read more


Never Trust Anything Again - The Zero Trust World

Organisations must abandon the ‘trust everything, but verify’ approach. Never trust. Always verify. Continuously monitor. By Colin Tankard read more


Why Data Storage Is the Number One Cyber Recovery Strategy

Avert The Worst Consequences Of  Cyber Crime: Create multiple backups of your files, keeping your business safe from major data disasters. read more


Vishing Attacks Reach All Time High

Vishing (voice phishing) cases have increased almost 550 percent over the last twelve months, with hundreds of thousands of cases detected. read more


A Phishing Attack That Delivers Three Forms Of Malware

Trojan Malware: Inserting malicious links into phishing emails allows attackers to harvest usernames, passwords & bank details from Windows users. read more

Canada Bans China From Its 5G Networks

Canada's telecoms operators are no longer allowed to use Huawei & ZTE gear. Those that have already installed their equipment must remove it. read more

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