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Newsletter 2022 November #1

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Are Compromised Passwords Putting Your Company At Risk?

Compromised Passwords: To create a password policy, fit for today’s threat landscape, you need to be looking at third-party alternatives. read more


Cyber Security Threats For The US  Midterm Elections

Election officials have been alerted to protect their voting systems and be vigilant about political violence in a "very complex threat environment." read more


How Long Does It Take Before An Attack Is Detected?

Hackers can stay around in your network for a long time - organisations may not even know they have been attacked & robbed until it is far too late. read more


Proactive Cyber Security Is A Must Have

When 'You're being offensive" is a compliment: Its smart to play the enemy at their own game by using offensive cyber security practices.  By Pablo Zurro read more


Make Sure Your MSP Isn’t Your Security Achilles’ Heel

Supply Chain Risks: Seven traits you need to identify to be sure your Managed Services Provider has a strong security stance. By Leyton Jefferies read more


US Military Is Involved In Ukraine's Cyber Defences

US Cyber Command teams are engaged in "Hunt Forward" missions, searching the computer networks of Ukaine and other  allies for signs of penetration. read more


The Challenges Of Moving To Zero Trust

It's A Journey: Implementing a Zero Trust strategy must take account of both legacy technology and the timescale required. By Kevin Ware-Lane read more


A Multi-layered Approach To Data Resilience

Going Beyond Backup & Recovery: Using automation, orchestration, multiple format  copies & data snapshots all help to save critical data. By Florian Malecki read more

British Prime Minister’s Phone Hacked

Agents suspected of working for Russia were responsible for the alleged hacking of Liz Truss's mobile phone while she was Foreign Secretary. read more

Ed Sheeran's Music Pirate Jailed

Spirdark: A hacker has been convicted for copyright theft after stealing 1,263 unreleased songs by 89 artists and selling them on the Dark Web. read more

Iranian Hackers Target US Midterm Elections

At least one Iranian threat group is preparing to interfere in the November US elections, targeting officials & companies involved with the voting process. read more 

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