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Newsletter 2022 November #2

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Wanted - A New Generation of Cyber Security Leaders

A Perfect Storm: Cyber security leadership is broken & failing to deliver cyber success for businesses, many of which don't really understand the threat. read more


The Reality Check For Small & Medium Businesses

Ransomware: Few small & medium sized businesses realize they are just as much at risk as much larger enterprises. By Muhammad Yahya Patel read more


Artificial Intelligence & Its Impact On Cyber Security

Detecting the most dangerous attacks that can take down the entire network is the priority, versus intrusions which are problematic but won't take everything down. read more


Japan Will Use AI To Secure Critical Infrastructure

Risk Based Maintenance: A universal approach using cloud-hosted SaaS software, based on a decentralized database and distributed ledger technology. read more


Ukraine Uses Artificial Intelligence To Speed Up Attacks

Ukrainian soldiers are successfully applying advanced AI tools to publicly available data, enabling them to produce rapidly actionable information. read more


Leveraging Data Privacy For Artificial Intelligence

Widepread use of AI requires that individuals can trust public organisations to process their personal data fairly and safely. By Camilla Winlo read more


Does Elon Musk Owning Twitter Increase Cyber Security Risks?

US legislators want an inquiry to investigate national security concerns raised by Saudi Arabia and China’s role in Musk's $44 billion takeover of Twitter. read more

Cyber Spy Group Uses IIS Web Software to Hack Targets

Cranefly: Hackers detected using a new technique that uses Internet Information Services (IIS) logs to open backdoors to reach  their targets. read more

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Security Risk Management

Risk management is not static and, done correctly, can bring about continuous improvement and business growth. By David Adams read more

Is It Time To Consolidate Systems?

Too many businesses are managing multiple endpoints, incompatible dashboards & struggle to integrate systems with defences. By Colin Tankard read more

Medibank Won’t Pay Ransom

Critical Health Insurance Data Stolen: Including 9.7 million current and former customer names, dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses. read more

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