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Newsletter 2022 November #3

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Cybersecurity Awareness: Simple Actions To Dial Up Digital Defences

Cyber Criminals Are Awake 24/7: Hackers never sleep and neither should your defences -  vigilance & education are critical in the office and at home. read more


Why  Are Businesses Still Falling Victim To Ransomware?

Industry expert and ex-FBI cyber crime Special Agent Jason Manar, now CISO at Kaseya, answers the key questions for business leaders. read more


Guilty: A Criminal Conviction For One CISO Has Consequence For Others

Doing The Right Thing: Uber’s ex-security chief has been found guilty in a US court -  what does that mean for CISOs in the UK? By Nigel Jones read more


The Role of Zero Trust Architecture In Minimising Cyber Risks

The ZTA model creates a far more secure environment that protects against unauthorized access to sensitive data. By Dominik Birgelen read more


The Internet Of "vulnerable" Things?

Being Smart And Being Secure Are Not Always The Same: How can we be both hyperconnected and secure? By Sarah Daun & Caroline Churchill read more


Privileged & Protected - Managing Access At The Endpoint

Endpoint Sprawl: Clamping down on privileged administrator rights is vitally important to strengthening security posture. By Andy Harris read more


International Fraud Awareness Week

Every Individual Has A Part to Play: As we come into a busy shopping period the cyber experts at McAfee urge consumers to re-evaluate their online habits. read more


CISA Reports No Significant Attacks On US Elections

Early warnings were heeded by the local government agencies responsible for running the midterm elections and no significant harm has been identified. read more 

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