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Newsletter 2022 October #1

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Cyber Crime Weaponised: What Firms can Learn From Ukraine

A New Era Of Cyber Warfare: The cyber aspects of the conflict in Ukraine will continue to resonate long after the guns have been silenced. read more


Iranian Hacking Group Deploys Custiomised Spyware

The Iranian state-sponsored hacking group known as APT42 has been discovered using custom Android malware to spy on targets of interest. read more


The Metaverse: A Reality Check

The Metaverse is like a whole new Internet that people are unfamiliar with - a guarantee that both businesses and consumers will be exploited. read more


Pivoting Customers' Mindsets For Cloud Security

When businesses increase cloud capability and cloud velocity, they often create new risk areas outside their familiarity. By JD Sherry read more


Why Companies Now Need a Next-Gen Approach To Business Continuity

IT teams must reevaluate their approach to business continuity to withstand the threats coming at them fast and furious. By Florian Malecki read more


Lessons From The Cyber Front Line

20:20 Hindsight: Some of the highest profile cyber attacks & breaches offer clear pointers on how to avoid similar attacks. By Nigel Thorpe read more


Modernising SecOps: It’s Time To Unpick The Complex Matrix

Automation Meets The Human Factor: The rapid evolution of technology produces many more signals for cyber analysts to evaluate. By John Davis read more


Blockchain Is The New IoT Standard

Blockchain identity standardisation is critical to ensure inter-operability between Internet of Things devices, systems, people and businesses. read more


EU Will Impose Fines For Not Complying With New IoT Security Rules

Companies could be fined €15 million or 2.5% of turnover if they don’t comply with draft EU legislation addressing the Internet of Things. read more


Denmark Wins 2022 European Cyber Security Challenge

Defend & Attack Under Pressure: ENISA's annual EU cyber security challenge competition set rival national teams against each other. read more

How To Outsmart Increasingly Complex Cyber Attacks

Outsourcing elements of security can help organisations reach better security outcomes previously exclusive to large enterprises. By Leyton Jefferies read more

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