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Newsletter 2022 September #1

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Healthcare Ransomware Attacks Have Almost Doubled

The big increase in ransomware attacks is part of a broader threat environment which has affected the healthcare sector  more than any other. read more


Bluetooth Standards Are Reshaping Medical Devices

The Internet of Medical Threats: Bluetooth vulnerabilities are emerging in a new generation of medical devices which can jeopardise patient safety. By Scott Register read more


Attackers Demand $10m Ransom From French Hospital

Clinicians have to access data and write prescriptions by hand following a major disruption, but the hospital’s director says it will not pay. read more


Twitter Concealed Known Security Defects

Whistleblower Supports Elon Musk: Twitter has major security problems that pose a threat to its users, to its company shareholders and to US democracy. read more


Apple Patches Serious Security Flaws With iOS Update

iPhone, iPad & Mac Devices: Users are advised to immediately install software updates that include patches to fix two zero-day vulnerabilities. read more


EU Blocking Social Media Users' Data Transfer

Meta is still threatening to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if it can’t continue to transfer and store user data in the US. read more


Insurers Will Exclude Nation-State Cyber Attacks From Cover

Lloyd's of London will cease offering insurance cover against certain types of nation-state cyber attacks and wars from March 2023. read more

Think Carefully Before You Pay For Cloud Downtime InsuranceConsidering Buying Cloud Downtime Insurance? Before you buy, take these three vital steps to ensure business continuity. By Florian Malecki read more

Detect Spoofing Before Your Organisation Suffers Fraud

Business Email Compromise: An online fraud where cyber criminals attempt to impersonate senior managers - email recipients should be very cautious before paying invoices. read more

Montenegro Falls Under Attack

Montenegro is the latest NATO member state to accuse Russia of carrying out a large scale attack on government infrastructure & online services. read more

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