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Newsletter 2022 September #2

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The Quantum Internet Could Be Immune To Cyber Attack

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology are working on developing the technology capable of delivering a fast and unhackable quantum Internet. read more


US Government Will Invest $15 Billion In  Cyber Security

Next year will be good for approved technology vendors as the US government goes large on defence & research spending to improve national cyber security. read more


Chinese Internet Companies Required To Disclose Algorithm Data

Chinese Internet firms including Alibaba, Tencent & Tiktok's owner ByteDance have supplied details of their critical algorithms to China's regulator. read nore


Google Issues A Warning To Gmail Users

Google’s Threat Analysis Team is warning users of its Gmail service of a hacking exploit that has left some users exposed for over a year. read more


Email Infection Chains Are Diversifying In 2022

Maldocs Are The Weapon Of Choice: Over 60% of malicious payloads are embedded in a range of document file types attached to email. By Ian Porteous read more


How To Prepare For A Cyber Crisis

Get Ready: Crisis preparedness is about minimising the consequences of an attack as quickly as possible & maintaining business continuity. By Jo De Vliegher read more


Improving The Safety & Stability Of Artificial Intelligence

An important initiative to understand the risks and identify the specific steps to improve AI safety and stability in national security applications. read more


Digital Banking & Cyber Crime

Digital banks face rapidly escalating threats as technological developments in cyber crime make it easier than ever for financial criminals. read more


Understanding Fake News

Prebunking: Google has carried out research  with valuable findings about how social media can actively pre-empt the spread of disinformation. read more

DMS Alerts Should Be Key To Organisations’ Security Orchestration

Document & Email Management System: DMS is an essential element in any organization's cyber security strategy. By Manuel Sanchez read more

Understanding DNS Leaks & How to Prevent Them

VPN Configuration: VPNs are a great way to keep your browsing activity private, but you need to ensure you choose one that offers privacy protection. By Idrees Shafiq read more

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