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Newsletter 2022 September #3

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Evil's New Cyber Weapons

TeslaGun: The notorious Evil Corp ransomware gang, best known for Dridex banking malware, has expanded its cyber weapons arsenal to include new tools used to bomb targets with hidden cryptominers. read more


US Tech Firms Forbidden To Manufacture In China

Technology firms that have had US federal funding will be prevented from creating advanced technology factories in China for at least a decade. read more


Japan’s Government Websites Come Under Attack

Killnet Strike Again: A series of large-scale DDoS attacks against Japanese companies affecting twenty websites across four government ministries. read more


NATO Secrets Found For Sale On The Dark Web

Insecure Channels: Secret NATO documents exfiltrated from supposedly secure Portuguese military computers are identified by US intelligence. read more


The Top 4 Cyber Threats - Is Your Business Protected?

Is it possible for businesses to really be protected? Absolutely - if organisations really give cyber security the attention it deserves. By Keiron Holyome read more


Cyber Crime Against Individuals

It's Personal: Cyber crime continues to rise in scale and complexity, affecting essential services and businesses, as well as many private individuals. read more


Locking Down Cyber Security

Managing The Basics: Educating employees and partnering with the right cyber security technology providers are essential to empower your organisation to lock criminals out. read more


Securing Hybrid Identity

Active Directory: Hybrid environments are prone to errors & misconfigurations that leave the door wide open to cyber attacks. By Guido Grillenmeier read more

New Cyber Security Laws For Telecoms Providers

Britain’s telecoms industry is getting new security regulations, with data protection requirements that will be among the strongest in the world. read more

India's Health Systems Are A Top Target

Rapid digitisation of the Indian healthcare sector has been driven by Coronavirus, but it has left numerous vulnerabilities that are now being exploited. read more

Making Cyber Security Careers More Widely Accessible

Achieving Career Goals: (ISC)² Candidates is an innovative new professional development path for individuals seeking a career in cyber security. read more

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