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Newsletter 2023 April #1

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Ransomware: A Security Guide

Specialised Malware For Every Industry: More than a third of organisations worldwide suffered an attack in 2022, with a  ransomware attack approximately every 11 seconds. read more


AI Revolution: The Future Is Here, Now

Get Ready: Artificial intelligence will change our lives, in ways both good and bad. But how confident can we be that we are prepared for what's coming? read more


The Inevitable Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

Technology leaders are calling for a six-month halt to training new AI systems to give the industry time to assess the risks. By Camilla Winlo & Nicolas Cambolin read more


Cyber Security Budgets Are Misspent

Money Down The Drain: Over 30% of businesses believe that 30% of their budget is being allocated to tools and solutions that are not being used to their full potential. read more


TikTok Fined £12.7m For Breaching Child Protection Law

The video-sharing site used the data of 1.4 million British children aged under 13 without parental consent, resulting in a punitive fine from the ICO regulator. read more


Honeypot Sting Exposes British Cyber Criminals

Operation 'Power Off': Police clamp down on cyber criminals using Distributed Denial of Service tactics to target online businesses and their users. read more


Imminent: Cybersecurity Regulations For US Financial Services

Don't Wait: Firms should test their vulnerability management programs, introduce a patch program and undertake penetration testing - now. By Simon Eyre read more


Universities Are Exposing Their Students To Cyber Threats

Universities are seriously lagging on basic cyber security measures, subjecting both students & staff to higher risks of credentials-based email fraud. read more


The Cybersecurity Report Threat To Railways

Ransomware attacks are an increasingly significant cyber threat facing the transport sector across the EU and railways are the prime target. read more


The Most Important Technolgy Advance In Decades

Bill Gates says Artificial Intelligence is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the PC, the Internet and the mobile phone. read more

Understanding The Incident Response Lifecycle

Best practices help organizations enhance their incident response capabilities, ensuring a more effective response to cybersecurity incidents. read more

Bitbucket Backup Methods

What if you lose access to your crucial Bitbucket data? It can lead to business disruption, and more or less significant data loss. read more

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