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Newsletter 2023 April #3

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Has Someone Taken Out A Subscription Against You?

LogIn To Go Hacking: Criminals can now buy ransomware-as -a service just as cheaply as they can subscribe to Netflix. By Rob Quickenden read more


British Cyber Security Agency Issues An Alert

Russian Hackers Target Critical Infrastructure: Russia seeks to "disrupt or destroy" Britain's critical infrastructure, the Cabinet Officer warns. read more


Social Media’s Impact On The War In Ukraine

Second Front: The big tech companies are involved in the conflict, both as tools of propaganda, as facilitators of communication and of collaboration. read more


US Threatens National Ban On TikTok

Owner ByteDance Under Pressure To Sell: A US ban on the world’s most popular social media app would affect 150 million users of the platform. read more


What The West's Caution Over Chinese Tech Really Means

The focus on China as a malicious security threat is somewhat of a distraction. The real battle is in military and economic power. By Dario Betti read more


Japan’s Leading Companies Exposed To Ransomware

Supply Chain: A four-month old attack on the Japanese IT company Fujitsu could cause a surge in ransom attacks by  hackers on other companies & their customers. read more


Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats & Advanced Persistent Threats

There is a new kind of attacker, one that has learned to weaponize the most crucial tool for knowledge workers today - the web browser. By Mark Guntrip read more


FBI Seizes $112m Fom 'CryptoRom' Criminals

Cryptocurrency Romance: A $multimillion fraud involves faking a romantic interest in the victim, linked to crypto currency investment scams.. read more


Russian Hacktivists Attack Canadian Gas Pipeline

Secret Pentagon Documents: A leak from US sources has exposed details of a Russian attack on Canada, as well as other critical intelligence. read more

Pakistan's Hackers Attack India's Education Sector

Transparent Tribe: A shift from attacking Indian military & government targets to disrupting educational institutions across India. read more

Attack On Israel’s Water Irrigation Systems 

Water &Sewage Systems: Multiple monitoring systems that are used to control irrigation systems rendered inoperable by cyber attacks. read more  

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