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Newsletter 2023 April #4

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As A Business Leader, You Must Manage Cyber Risk

The Top Job: Cyber attacks are a key risk for boards and any director seeking to add value for corporate stakeholders should appreciate the growing jeopardy. read more


Soft Cell Hackers Have New Targets

Tainted Love: An international hacking campaign targeting global telecommunications companies to extract personal data of persons of interest to China. read more


TikTok Will Comply With US Law

Under intense pressure, the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, says that it will 'continue to protect' US user data from access by China. read more


Alibaba Plans An AI Rival To ChatGPT

Truth Via A Thousand Questions: Chinese technology giant Alibaba will launch its own ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence product called Tongyi Qianwen. read more


Selling Digital Insecurity

Spyware: Offensive cyber capabilities pose a significant threat to international security. Such capabilities can also cause significant & unpredictable damage. 
By James Shires & Isabella Wilkinson read more


Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing

Cyber attacks have increased in frequency & sophistication, presenting significant challenges for organisations in defending their data & systems. read more


Israeli Hacking Spyware Detected In Widespread Use

New Israeli-made spyware, resembling NSO Group's notorious Pegasus malware, is discovered being used to target journalists & politicians in ten countries. read more


British Online Safety Bill - Update

WhatsApp, Encryption & The Implications For Privacy:  The Legislation Focuses On Child Protection - So why are WhatsApp and other organisations  opposing the proposed new laws? By Andrew Parsons read more


What Is A Credential Stuffing Attack & How To Protect Your Organization

Credential stuffing is a type of attack that relies on the fact that many people use the same usernames & passwords across multiple accounts. read more


EU Payroll & HR Services Giant Under Attack

The payroll services firm SD Worx has shut down IT systems and told its customers that its UK & Ireland division has suffered a cyber attack. read more

2023’s Most Wanted Malware

Qbot Emotet & Formbook Top The Threat Index: Check Point Software Technologies has published its Global Threat Index for March 2023. read more

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