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Newsletter 2023 August #2

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Generative AI Tools Help Criminals Launch More Sophisticated Attacks

WormGPT: Even attackers with limited skills can use this technology, making it an accessible tool for a broader spectrum of cyber criminals. read more


The Problem With Open-Source Software & Cybersecurity

There is an illusion of trust around open-source software and its code, which leads to the potential for unique cybersecurity vulnerabilities. read more


Email Impersonation Attacks At An All-Time High

Email impersonation comprises over 90% of threats observed in corporate inboxes and almost all of those are credentials-based theft attacks. read more


Only Half Of Citizens Are Happy With Digital Public Services

People are used to the convenience of e-commerce interactions and expect the same service levels in their interactions with government. read more


A Database Tracking Maritime Cyber Attacks

The incidents in the database demonstrate the relevance of cyber security to the modern maritime industry and the major vulnerabilities that exist. read more


Expanding Identity Protection Capabilities

The new solution from WatchGuard adds advanced password management capabilities and Dark Web monitoring to help protect corporate credentials.  read more


Getting Your First Cyber Security Job

Cyber Skills Shortage: For those interested in a career in cyber security, there are many opportunities to enter this vast and interesting field. read more


Cybersecurity Threats To Digital Banking & How To Mitigate Them

Digital banking offers great convenience - it also exposes users to cybersecurity threats. Working together, banks & customers can mitigate these threats. read more


Twenty Million Scam Emails Reported In Britain

Almost 21 million reports have been made to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service . resulting in the removal of over 235,000 malicious websites. read more

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