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Newsletter 2023 August #3

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Protecting Against SMS Pumping Fraud

A $6.7Bn Scam: Criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities in messaging platforms to steal from businesses who use SMS One-Time Passwords as part of a two-factor authentication process. By Paul McGuire read more


Massive Breach Of British Voter Data

Unknown hackers have obtained the details of tens of millions of British voters in a complex cyber attack on the Electoral Commission. read more


Police Officers At Severe Risk As Personal Information  Exposed

Critical Data Revealed By Mistake: Northern Ireland police officers and staff have become highly vulnerable after  publication of thousands of personal details. read more


Threads Loses 50% Of It’s Users

Retention Driving Hooks: Facebook’s parent, Meta, is working fast  to launch a desktop version of its new social media platform to help it hang on to the first wave of users signing up to its Twitter alternative. read more


Using OSINT To Monitor The War In Ukraine

The role of Open Source Intelligence in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has attracted significant interest from the US Defense Intelligence Agency. read more


Understanding Malvertising Attacks

Evasive Threat Techniques: Lack of awareness, plus easier access to AI tools, provides the perfect opportunity for even inexperienced threat actors to exploit online ads. By Tom McVey read more


Embracing The Passwordless Future

Strengthening Security & User Experience: Passwords are not only a security risk but also a big source of frustration for users. By Mesh Bolutiwi read more


The UN Cybercrime Convention Could Help & Harm Victims

The proposed UN cybercrime convention has both risks & opportunities for protecting vulnerable groups. By Isabella Wilkinson & Amrit Swali read more


Beyond Traditional Security

Embracing CNAPP For Enhanced Cloud Application Protection: The struggle to keep up with the security challenges of embracing cloud computing now has a viable solution. read more


DORA: Compliance With The EU Digital Resilience Act

The deadline for complying with the new DORA rules for financial services is fast approaching. What is it & what are the risks of non-compliance? By Christopher Gill read more


EU Legislation Is A Threat To Open Source Software

Unintended Consequences: Governments around the world are wrestling with the best way to address the issue of regulating Artificial Intelligence, using an internationally agreed  framework. read more

Online Safety Act Places US Adults At Risk?

The state of Utah has a new law requiring adult websites to verify the age of their users. Critics argue this infringes the rights of adults and does not offer children any more protection.  read more

Staying Ahead Of Cyberthreats

Best Cybersecurity Practices For Businesses Of All Sizes: In the digital world cybersecurity is no longer an option for businesses, but a necessity. read more

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