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Newsletter 2023 August #4

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Major Sporting Events Are Open Targets

The State Of Play: Microsoft and the NCSC are identifying  major sporting events, organisations and their venues as increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack. read more


Check Out Suppliers Before You Commit To Them

Supply Chain Risk: It's now possible to execute automatic searches of a supplier’s digital presence without needing to ask for their consent. By Abdullah Mirza read more


Identifying & Analysing Emerging Cloud Threats

The sheer speed and scope of the cloud native environment demands smarter decisions when prioritising limited resources. By Nurit Bielorai read more


How SMEs Can Achieve Cyber Resilience

For big businesses, the consequence of a cyber attack can be very costly. For smaller organisations, they can be devastating. By Tom Egglestone read more


LinkedIn Accounts Hacked & Ransomed

Locked Out: Victims have turned to social media in their attempts to regain access to their accounts, complaining about the response from LinkedIn support. read more


Evil Proxy Phishing Tool Hits MS365 Business Users

A phishing campaign using the EvilProxy Adversary-in-the-Middle phishing tool has been identified targeting the Microsoft 365 user accounts of C-level executives. read more


Police Error Exposes Personal Data Of Crime Victims

British police forces have mistakenly released the data of 1,230 people, wrongly included in the files responding to freedom of information requests. read more


US Military Offers A Reward To Satellite Hackers

Since 2020, the US Air Force has been sponsoring a satellite hacking contest at the DEFCON convention. This time, the participants get to try if for real. read more


‘Bitcoin Bonnie & Clyde’ Go To Jail 

Crocodile Of Wall Street: A husband and wife cyber crime team have pleaded guilty to trying to launder $4.5bn of stolen Bitcoin. read more

X Will Fund Claims Made By Unfairly Treated Users

Elon Musk says that X (Twitter) will pay legal bills for those treated unfairly by their employer for their activity on his reinvented social media platform. read more

DARPA Announces A Major AI Challenge

The US Defense Research Agency launches a two-year cyber security competition that will deploy Artificial Intelligence designed to protect the nation's most important  software. read more

How AI & VoIP Are Revolutionizing Communications

AI Powered Interactions: AI has a real chance to revolutionize communication in manners that humans are only now starting to fully comprehend. read more

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