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Newsletter 2023 August #5

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Reimagining Your Cyber Infrastructure

From Security To Resiliency: Organisations should focus on reducing the chances of a breach by reducing their attack surface. By Duncan Bradley read more


Flight Traffic Chaos

Faulty Data, Human Error Or Hostile Action? Britain's air traffic control system suffers severe disruption & long flight delays, with no clear explanation. read more


Numerous Organisations Are Banning ChatGPT

A Permanent Ban: Fears around the potential misuse of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are spreading among IT decision makers. read more


Understanding Generative AI

The potential of Generative AI to revolutionise content creation makes it important to understand what is, how it’s being used and by whom. read more


British Police On High Alert After Supply Chain Breach

London's Metropolitan Police issue a serious alert as cyber criminals breach an IT supplier responsible for ID cards and restricted access passes in the latest incident. read more


He's Back Again...

Trump Breaks His Silence On X (Twitter): Following a lengthy suspension, Donald Trump's first post on his return to the evolving social media platform has received more than 36 million views and 530,000 likes. read more


Undetected Attackers Could Be Inside Your IT Systems Now

The starting point for cyber criminals is to find a way into a target’s network - in the majority of cases that begins by exploiting a human error. read more


AI Is The Next Big Thing For Browser Security

A New Class Of Automated Attacks: As the access point for most online services, the browser is a pivotal point for cyber attacks. By Brett Raybould read more


NIS2 Regulations Are Coming – Are You Ready?

EU Network & Information Security Rules: Tighter rules and tougher sanctions will apply to more organisations than before. By Graham Hawkey read more

Cyber Security Firm Dragos Targeted By Hackers

An unsuccessful attempt to extort one cyber security firm involved not merely a risk to data security, but a very personal threat to the CEO's family. read more

Enrolment In Computing Degree Courses In Britain Up

More than 26,000 students were accepted into UK computing-related degrees, including Computer Science, Software Engineering, AI, and IT. read more

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