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Newsletter 2023 February #1

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Preventing Ransomware Attacks Begins With You

Don't Forget To Protect Your Data: What business owners need to know about identifying attacks and keeping their employees safe. read more


Ukraine’s Security Agency Says Russian Cyber Attacks Are Increasing

There has been a 300% increase in Russian cyber attacks against Ukraine, with Russian hackers coordinating their operations with missile strikes. read more


Ukraine Claims Russian Cyber Attacks Are War Crimes

The cyber domain has no borders, allowing attackers to instantly reach across the world, which makes it vital to hold Russia's hackers accountable. read more


British Journalists & Politicians Are Hacking Targets

NCSC Alert: Russian and Iranian government-linked hackers are focusing on British politicians & journalists, aiming to get access to their email accounts. read more


Turla Hackers Deliver Andomeda Malware

Andromeda is typically deployed by hackers using an infected USB drive and is most frequently used for malware delivery and credentials theft. read more


US Strategy Will Allow Hacking Criminal & Foreign Networks

Rendering Malicious Actors Incapable: The new strategy will “disrupt and dismantle” hostile networks as part of a persistent, continuous campaign. read more


Microsoft To Invest $10B In OpenAI

Generative Artificial Intelligence: Microsoft is planning to make a massive startup investment in the company behind ChatGPT and DALL·E. read more


Will The Insider Threat Intensify During The Recession?

User And Entity Behaviour Analytics: By detecting advanced attacks early, insider threats can be stopped in their tracks. By Tim Wallen read more


Boards Need To Step Up Or Risk Cybersecurity Fines

Cyber Security Is A First Rank Issue For Business: Firms without cyber resilience strategies are putting their futures on the line. By Rob Demain read more

How Can SASE Boost Information Security?

Secure Access Service Edge: SASE can provide a comprehensive level of protection against cyber threats & simplify security management. read more

Bridging The Detection & Response Gap

Failure To Adapt: As cyber attackers move faster, here are five ways organisations can stay ahead of them. By Matt Lawrence & Dan Green read more    

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