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Newsletter 2023 February #2

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Ransomware Attack Targets VMware ESXi Servers

CERT France & CISA Warning:  Ransomware attacks  are targeting thousands of VMware ESXI servers, exploiting a known vulnerability that was first patched in 2021. read more


The Latest Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Through techniques like machine learning and neural networks, companies globally are investing in teaching machines to ‘think’ more like humans. read more


Latvia's Defence Ministry Targeted

AKA Primitive Bear: A Russian hacking group called Gamaredon has been delivering a phishing attack on Latvia’s Ministry of Defence. read more


Attack On Financial Services Software Supplier

Lockbit Ransomware Attack: A key supplier of trading software to the City of London with a vital role in the trading of debt, derivatives & shares worldwide was shut down. read more


Linux Malware Rates Reach Record Highs

Cyber Attack Trends: Until recently, cyber criminals largely ignored Linux compared to other more popular operating systems - but not any more. read more


Cyber Attack On Ship Management Operating Technology

Ransom Attack Drives Ships Offline: A thousand vessels operated by many maritime customers were affected in a supply chain breach. read more


FBI Infiltrates Ransomware Group

The FBI infiltrated the notorious Hive ransomware group over seven months to block its attempts to extort funds from over a thousand victims. read more


Operational Resilience Is More Than Disaster Recovery

At a business level, disaster recovery is just one aspect of a larger discipline - Operational Resilience. By Sean Deuby & Simon Hodgkinson read more


Human Error Is A Hacker's Dream

Human Behaviour Is A Vital Piece Of The Puzzle: Phishing, Vishing and 'MFA Fatigue' all have one common characteristic. People. By Andrew Parsons read more


SMBs Are Taking Cybersecurity More Seriously

A new report finds that Small & Medium Businesses are actively investing in cyber protection - but there is room for improvement. By Chris Mckie read more

Cyber Crime Is The World’s Third Largest Economy

Damage Totaling $8 Trillion Worldwide In 2023: If cybercrime were measured as a country it would be the world's 3rd largest economy. read more

Security Is Key To Remaining Innovative Amid Recession

Security Learning & Development: Now is the time for technolgy companies to invest in their employees and deploy upskilling programmes. By Alexia Pedersen read more

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