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Newsletter 2023 February #3

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Russian Cyber Attack Disrupted Earthquake Aid

Killnet hackers launched a DDoS attack which disrupted communication with NATO aircraft flying earthquake aid to Turkey and Syria. read more


New Malware Targets Ukraine

Graphiron: The crisis between Ukraine, NATO & Russia includes aggressive rhetoric, nuclear threats, critical infrastructure sabotage and escalating cyber attacks. read more


Royal Mail Refuses To Pay LockBit Ransom Demand

"Absurd" - Won't Pay: Britain's Royal Mail has refused to pay the Russia-linked ransomware gang LockBit the $80m they had been demanding. read more


Crackdown On Ransomware Criminals

Exposed & Sanctioned: The UK and US have coordinated punitive actions to tackle the Russian cyber criminals behind some of the most damaging ransomware attacks. read more


Google Shuts Down Misinformation

Dragonbridge: Google's threat analysis group has terminated thousands of Chinese-linked accounts spreading disinformation across social media. read more


Quantum Computer Power Threatens Encryption

Quantum computers will completely transform data processing speeds and that means they can also be used for highly destructive modes of attack. read more


Is Standardisation Of The Cybersecurity Profession A Good Thing?

One reason why companies find it so difficult to fill cybersecurity vacancies is that there’s an over emphasis on qualifications. By Jamal Elmellas read more


Creating Order Out Of WAF Management Chaos

Web Application Firewall Management: How WAF rules are run & processed can provide security without sacrificing performance. By Paul McNamara read more

Specialist Marine Cyber Insurance For Ports & Vessels

Shipping's Vulnerability To Cyber Attack:  A new partnership has formed to deal with the ever more demanding cyber insurance needs of the maritime sector. read more

Rising Cybercrime Means SMEs Should Seek Cyber Insurance

Having insurance can help protect a company’s reputation and brand, plus provide the expertise to manage cyber incidents. By Simon West read more

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