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Newsletter 2023 February #4

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European & American Hackers Attack China

Hacked: Chinese experts say that sensitive information, source code and databases of critical Chinese information & infrastructure systems have been exposed. read more


Twitter Wants Users To Pay For 2FA

Paying For Social Media: Non-Twitter Blue users will have to find alternative ways to secure their accounts within 30 days of receiving notice if they don't pay up. read more


Illegal Crypto Transactions Reach A New Peak

There were more than $20 billion worth of illegal transactions using crypto currency in 2022, an increase of 11% from the $18bn in 2021. read more


Criminal Earnings Fall As More Ransom Victims Refuse Payment

Despite increased attacks, cyber criminals have experienced a 40% drop in their earnings, as more victims are refusing to pay the ransom demanded. read more


Universities Targeted With Ransomware

Attacks On The Education Sector Up 51% In 2022: Two leading technical universities in Ireland and Israel are the latest to have been struck with ransomware. read more


Insider Threat Management: Keep Up With Growing Threats

Proper insider threat management is essential for reducing the chance of data theft, but nurturing a healthy corporate environment is equally important. read more


Policing Digital Crime

The criminal use of digital media, digital devices and social media means that policing is arguably facing some of its greatest ever challenges. read more


Technology Is Disrupting Espionage

New Spy Tools Use AI & Quantum: The power balance in the spy world is changing and closed societies have been gaining  the advantage. read more


Making A Success Of Hybrid Working

Companies need to address five key issues that could be holding them back and ensure their employees are properly engaging with collaboration tools. By Rob Quickenden read more


Is Your Business Compliant With Data Sovereignty?

It is increasingly important for organisations to understand where their cloud data is stored and who holds the keys to that data. By Florian Malecki read more

Businesses Need To Prioritise Cybersecurity In 2023

Turning employees from the weakest links in your cybersecurity strategy to the strongest will help keep criminals out & data safe. By AJ Thompson read more

How You Can Experience Safe Streaming With A Free VPN

Limited Access To Streaming Sites: Free VPN services are the perfect tool to bypass geo-restrictions and allow safe & seamless streaming. read more

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