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Newsletter 2023 January #1

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Four Major Cyber Attacks In 2022: How To Not Repeat History In 2023

High Profile Attacks On Twitter, Medibank, Optus & Ronin: How can tools such as Attack Surface Management prevent hacking from taking place? read more


Ukraine’s Battlefield Intelligence System Falls Under Attack

Combat Awareness: Ukrainian security services have confirmed that its Delta military intelligence system has been hit by cyber attacks. read more


Biden Signs Quantum Cyber Security Act

Q Day: The law is designed to secure US government systems & data against the fast approaching threat of quantum-enabled data breaches. read more


US Bans Government Users From  Using TikTok

The Senate has passed a bill that bans federal employees from using the Chinese-owned TikTok app on devices provided by the government. read more


Meta Pays $725M To Settle Facebook Privacy Suit

Facebook’s parent company Meta has agreed to settle a US lawsuit following 2018 revelations that Facebook illegally shared the data of 87m of its users. read more


Security Risks In 5G Mobile

Insecure By Design: 5G 'network slicing' raises widespread security issues that includes potential weak points in policy, standards & supply chains. read more


From AI to ESG: Key Security Technology Trends Of 2023

Upheaval Or Realignment? Six of the key technology trends that are set to impact the security sector in the coming year. By Johan Paulsson read more


Critical Infrastructure: A Flashing Beacon For Cybercrime

Cybercriminals are fully aware of the impact their disruption can place on vital services, not just financially, but on public confidence. By Deryck Mitchelson read more


Cyber Security Awareness Training For Management & Employees

What You Can Do Right Now: Businesses are facing unprecedented economic pressures - a cyber attack is the last thing any organization wants. read more


Under A Watchful Eye - Unified Observability

Tracking Vulnerabilities: A proper overview of the entire tech stack is vital to anticipate and to protect against security issues. By Matt Tuson read more


Health Service Ransom Attack Will Cost Ireland €100m

A malicious Excel file attached to a phishing email which resulted in an IT systems shutdown has caused €80 million in damages, and counting. read more

Preventing Insider Threats In Kubernetes Clusters

Secure Your Kubernetes Clusters From Inside Threats: The basics of insider threats and how to prevent it in Kubernetes. By Gilad David Mayaan read more

Deploying NDR To Transform Threat DetectionNetwork Detection & Response: (NDR) is a powerful solution to help cybersecurity teams detect more and respond faster to threats.  By Kev Eley read more

Looking Back - Top 10 Most Read Articles Of 2022

2023 Loading: A review of the most popular stories on this website in 2022 reveals two main trends - Cyber Resilience and Cyberwar in Ukraine. read more

2023 Tech Predictions

This year will see IT teams using new tools & strategies to counteract the expanding threat landscape. Here are a few predictions. By James Karimi read more  

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