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Newsletter 2023 January #2

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British Spy Chief Says War In Ukraine Is Changing Intelligence Gathering

Cyberwar: The Director of GCHQ explains how ransomware, phishing and DDoS attacks are just a few of the many weapons that states are now using in geopolitical conflicts. read more

EU Regulator Fines Meta $416m 

Targeted Advertising: Acting on behalf of the European Union, Ireland's Data Commissioner has ruled that Meta unlawfully exploited its users' data to deliver them adverts on Facebook and Instagram . read more

Chinese Spy Device Found Hidden In British Government Car

Discovered: Concerns over the increasing covert use of Chinese spyware prompted intelligence operatives to investigate British government & diplomatic vehicles. read more


Spying On Mobile Phone Calls

EarSpy: Smartphone manufacturers’ efforts to improve audio  technology in their devices has led to new vulnerabilities, including unprotected ear speakers. read more


Preparing For The Year Ahead

Cybersecurity Back-to-Basics: Cybersecurity threats and regulation will evolve in the next year, yet many aspects will remain much the same. By Simon Eyre read more


Five Data Security Trends That Organisations Must Deal With

In 2023, business challenges of all kinds are growing more difficult to identify and solve. Data protection is one of them. By Florian Malecki read more


Web Browser Attacks & How To Combat Them

The web browser has become the biggest attack surface available to threat actors. Here's how they are actively leveraging and exploiting it. By Jonathan Lee read more


The  War On Cybercrime

Critical Infrastructure Is The Target: Cyber attacks are rapidly  transitioning from being an issue of enterprise security to one where there is a direct risk to public safety. By Will Dixon read more


PAM, IAM, Or Both?

Useful But Different: Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM) are not the same thing, although both protect security when used correctly. By Colin Tankard read more


Multi-Factor Authentication Is No Shortcut To Cyber Resilience

Persistence Pays Off For Hackers: There's more to cyber resilience than MFA and broader technological & cultural changes are needed. By Adrian Odds read more


2023 - Threat Intelligence Predictions

EIQ's Intelligence Team Look Ahead:  Extortion methods will evolve, cyber criminals will take sides in Ukraine, Russia's cyberwar stratgey will fail & ChatGPT will take off. read more

Zero Trust In (remote) Access

Caution Is Better Than Indulgence: Zero trust offers small companies a level of security equivalent to that of large enterprises. By Paddy Srinivasan read more   

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