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Newsletter 2023 January #3

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The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Cybersecurity

AI based cybersecurity technologies have evolved to assist information security teams in reducing the risks of a breach and  improving resilience. By Mike Sandru read more


Three Steps To Protect Your Organisation From Wiper Malware

How to Avoid A Wipeout: No matter what  cybercriminals may do, a robust backup and recovery plan will keep your data secure. By Florian Malecki read more


The IoV - Connected Cars

Internet of Vehicles: Some day soon, every car will become connected, with warning sensors, road hazard detections, and vehicle-to-pedestrian communication. read more


2023 - Cyber Threats To US Infrastructure

Malware attacks on healthcare & other critical infrastructure, plus the escalating costs of ransomware, are focusing minds in the US government. read more


The FBI’s Advice On Ransomware

Part of the FBI's mission is to raise awareness about ransomware, using its global intelligence network to help victims respond and recover. read more


NHS Is The Most Phished Government Organisation

The British National Health Service is the highest on the list of UK government organisations most frequently impersonated in email scams. read more


Dissent Over British Internet Safety Laws

Child Protection: In addition to heavy fines, senior managers of social media firms could face two years in jail if they breach new duties to keep children safe online read more


A Snapshot Of Cyber Security In Britain

Britain 2021 - 2022: The numbers show a huge & growing range of activity - not least that the UK cyber security industry generated £10 billion in revenues last year. read more


NATO Thinks AI Cyber Attacks Are A Critical Threat

NATO Cyber Range: Commanders from over 30 countries put their skills to the test on how they would defend their country in a simulated attack. read more

Crypto Currency: From Bitcoin to Blockchain

Everyone Understands Crypto Currency - Or Do They? As the market dives, everything you need to know about crypto, but were afraid to ask. read more

British Royal Mail - 'Cyber Incident'

The Royal Mail’s overseas mail deliveries have been hit by a cyber attack, halting international deliveries until systems are restored. read more

For Sale: Data Stolen From Volvo

The stolen data includes internal documents related to telematics, special police vehicles, project management dashboards and car part schematics. read more

Cyber Attack On Lisbon Port

Ransom of $1.5 Million: LockBit have claimed responsibility for the attack, saying its ransomware has taken down the port’s website and internal computer systems. read more

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