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Newsletter 2023 January #4

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Ukraine Signs Cyber Security Deal With NATO

The new cyber security collaboration gives Ukraine access to NATO’s malware information sharing platform, along with 'enhanced cyber cooperation'. read more


T-Mobile Hacker Exposes 37m Customers' Personal Data

Unfortunately Not Immune: T-Mobile has disclosed seven major breaches since 2018 and the latest event could be the biggest so far. read more


War In Ukraine Drives A Decline In Stolen Cards

Russia's failing invasion of Ukraine is connected to a 62% decrease in stolen payment card records, attributable to a crackdown on domestic cyber criminals. read more


Europol Arrest Crypto Currency Fraud Gang

The fraud worked using advertisements posted on social media to lure victims to fake investment websites operated by cyber criminals. read more


Who Foots the Bill For A Data Breach?

A Data Breach is almost inevitable across all sectors these days, yet many companies and their MSPs are unclear about their legal & financial obligations. By Simon Pamplin read more


British School Childrens' Confidential Data Dumped

A hacking gang focused on schools & colleges has leaked confidential data about children on the Dark Web after failing to extract any  ransom. read more


Sexual Abuse & Harassment Of Women

Cyber Violence - Online & In Person: Sexual harassment is widespread in the cyber security industry, with women reporting being groped at events and receiving inappropriate content online. read more


Perfectly Coded APIs Can Be Susceptible To Attack

A False Sense Of Security: Even if an API is perfectly coded, inventoried and tested, it's still not bulletproof and can be probed & compromised. By Andy Mills read more


Coming Your Way - The Top Cyber Crimes In 2023

Phishing, Ransom, QR Code Scanning & EVs: A sharp increase in cyber crime is becoming visible, affecting a variety of industries & organisations in many ways, some old and some very new. read more


Next Gen SIEM Addresses The Risks Of Disjointed Security Tools

Multi-vendor Enterprise Software Challenges: With next generation SIEM, unifying disjointed security tools and data sources is more easily achievable. read more

APTs - The Back Door Threat To Cybersecurity

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) pose a unique challenge with motives, techniques, and tactics that differ from traditional cyberattacks. read more

Five Application Security Predictions For 2023

The shift to cloud native applications is a driver of significant opportunities and challenges in the area of cybersecurity. By Dean Agron read more

Cloud-Based Security Solutions Are On The Up

There are significant financial & functional advantages which are driving investment in cloud-based security solutions in 2023. By Vivek Daga read more

Cyber Security Issues For The Mobile Industry

Expert Comment: Business leaders from across the Mobile industry share their predictions for cyber security issues in 2023. By Dario Betti read more

Building An Identity-First Security Strategy

Going Beyond The NIS2 Directive: Effectively protecting identities, both human and machine, is a top priority for enterprises. By Tim Callan read more   

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