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Newsletter 2023 July #4

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Cyber War, Intelligence, Malware & Espionage

Digital disruption is sweeping through the world’s second-oldest profession, Spying, and it is altering all aspects of intelligence collection. read more


The Security Challenge: Mapping & Securing Your Distributed Data

Why mapping your distributed data is necessary, what challenges you’ll face along the way, and how you can overcome them. By Dotan Nahum read more


Managing The Effects Of AI-Driven Cyber Attacks

Criminals are scaling up how they compromise systems & execute attacks. Organisations need agile, comprehensive, unified security solutions. read more


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On Knowledge Workers

The impact of AI on jobs is still an abstract concept for most workers - something on the distant horizon. But that's changing fast. read more


British Employees Lack The Training To Use AI Tools

Research from Salesforce shows that skills shortages at organisations across the UK pose serious challenges for the uptake of  AI tools. read more


Sweden Issues An Order: 'Stop Using Google Analytics'

Four Companies Fined: Customers' personal data was supplied to Google Analytics in a way that failed to meet EU security standards. read more


Setting Up An Operational Resilience Framework

In the face of a destructive cyber attack  enterprises must plan to mitigate the impact based on pre-established objectives. By Bill Nelson read more

Protecting Your Home Devices Against Attack

Not maintaining the appropriate security measures for your smart devices, their apps and your Wi-Fi network could cause you a lot of trouble. read more

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