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Newsletter 2023 June #1

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The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

AI is shaping the future of humanity across nearly every industry and will act as a technological innovator into the foreseeable future. read more


The Security Risks Of ChatGPT

How Businesses Can Safeguard Their Data: With ChatGPT, criminals can quickly develop  malware that wreaks havoc on companies. By Richard Massey read more


Microsoft 365  Under Threat From A New Phishing Tool

‘Greatness’: A slick & sophisticated Phishing-as-a-Service tool being deployed against manufacturing, healthcare & technology companies that use Microsoft 365. read more


Vulnerable Networks & Advanced Persistent Threats

A poor level of visibility into networks exposes organisations to cyber risks and consequent large-scale disruptions, with the potential to inflict substantial losses. read more


Enabling Quantum-Safe Cryptography

End-To-End Solution: IBM has released a roadmap outlining the steps organisations can take to make the transition to quantum-safe cryptography. read more


Spy Agencies Warn Of New Threats From Chinese Hackers

Volt Typhoon: The Five Eyes group of western intelligence agencies has issued a notice detailing the nature of the threat from Chinese hackers. read more


Europe - The DDoS Battlefield Of 2022

DDoS attacks are a reflection of major geo-political challenges and have become an increasingly significant element in hybrid cyber warfare. read more


Deepfakes Are A Growing Threat

Left unregulated, entire populations could have their opinions influenced by deepfakes delivering disinformation and distorting true events. read more


Can Automation Help Bridge The Cyber Skills Gap?

Finding and keeping key cybersecurity staff is increasingly difficult. UEBA, Threat Intelligence Automation & SOAR can offer a converged solution. By Tim Wallen read more

Always-On Protection Using Immutable Storage

Immutability In Action: In the ever-changing world of data security compliance, Immutable Storage offers an ever-reliable solution. read more

Demystifying Data Privacy Compliance

The Importance Of Data Privacy Compliance: Learn the truth behind six common myths and avoid costly mistakes that could harm your business. read more

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