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Newsletter 2023 June #2

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Cyber Security Insurance 

What You Need To Know: Cyber Insurance is a smart precaution for any size business, but what does it typically include and how do you make a good policy choice? read more


BBC, British Airways & Boots In Supply Chain Attack

CLOP: Hackers found a software vulnerability to penetrate a growing number of UK firms in a major supply chain exploit. Now they want ransom. read more


A New Approach To Cyber Security Helps Resist Extortion

Nearly 80% of organisations hit by ransomware are capable of recovering their critical data & systems, without paying a ransom. read more


Business Moves To Adopt Digital Identity

In Britain, more than half of all organisations either currently use digital identity or plan to soon incorporate digital identity solutions into their operations. read more


Taking Practical Measures To Avoid An Attack

The Common Threat: Failing to implement basic cyber security measures and not training your people presents an open door to hackers. read more


Ransomware Trends In The Aviation & Maritime Industries

Transport sector organisations have a distinctive profile from an attacker’s perspective, making them an especially lucrative target. read more


Covert Action In The Digital Age

The case of Iran shows that countering covert action in the digital age requires persistence & international cooperation. Although it's unlikely that nation states will stop completely. By James Shires read more


Cyber Security In An Ever-Growing Digital World

Digital Transformation: As more data-driven infrastructure technologies are introduced, the risk of cyber attacks increases. By Carl Shallow read more


Lawyer Admits To Using ChatGPT

Unprecedented Circumstance: A New York lawyer is in trouble after using ChatGPT to verify case references which were found to be non-existent. read more

Cybersecurity & The Military

How to Find and Keep the Right People: The US military delivers excellent professional training and now faces a struggle to retain its cyber talent. read more

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