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Newsletter 2023 June #3

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Cyber Security & The  Financial Services Industry

Under Growing Threat: Cyber security is of particular concern for the financial services industry because, as they say, “that’s where the money is.” read more


Google's App Store - Full Of Spyware

Malicious Software Development Kit: Over 100 Android applications containing a spyware module have had 421 million downloads from Google Play. read more


Meta Is Building A Rival To Twitter

Zuckerberg Vs Musk: The proposed text-based network, codenamed Project92, could allow users to follow accounts they already follow on Instagram and elsewhere. read more


More Than 340 Million User Accounts Breached So Far This Year

A String Of Large Scale Incidents: In the first four months of 2023 business data breach incidents have already affected over 340 million users. read more


The Risk Of Losing User Trust

A House Of Cards: The Capita incident showcases the importance of placing cybersecurity at the centre of Digital Transformation. By Paul Holland read more


Two Thirds Of Organizations Suffer Breaches Due To WFH

Document Security: Remote workplaces offer unique challenges to data security and the security risks are too costly to ignore. By Kyle Mitchell read more


How To Leverage AI For Real-Time User Verification

Businesses can now leverage AI algorithms to improve their user verification procedures & provide real-time security safeguards. By Ben Hartwig read more


To Succeed With Zero Trust, First Define Success

When well-executed, Zero Trust strengthens an organization’s security posture, reducing the blast radius of inevitable breaches. By John Linford read more


Exploring The Benefits Of Continuous Compliance

Compliance Is A Business Driver: Continuous compliance has the ability to boost trust, drive business, and enhance security. By Adam Markowitz read more


Play Ransomware Gang Attack A Spanish Bank

PlayCrypt: The latest high-profile attack was conducted by a ransomware group which is becoming widely known for its file encryption exploits. read more

XDR vs. SIEM: Do You Need One or Both?

The complexity & volume of security data present challenges for traditional SIEM solutions, leading to the emergence of new offerings like XDR. read more

Manchester University Hacked

One of the UK's largest and most successful education & research centres has been breached, with some of its critical data exposed. read more

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