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Newsletter 2023 June #4

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Shuckworm Intensifies Cyber Attacks On Ukraine

The Shuckworm group, thought to be linked to the Russian FSB spy agency, has increased cyber attacks on Ukraine, hacking public services, military & security intelligence targets. read more


US Government Agencies  Attacked By Russian Criminals

Clop Ransom Campaign Spreads Across US: Johns Hopkins & Georgia universities, plus several US federal agencies hit by MOVEit vulnerability. read more


Penetration Testing Is A Vital Tool To Deal With AI-Based Attacks

Penetration testing can indicate the best ways to defend, remediate & recover from the threat of AI-inspired and AI-powered attacks. By Ed Skoudis read more


Analysing XeGroup’s Arsenal Of Cyberattack Methods

Highly Evasive Adaptive Threat Techniques: A new class of cyber threats that evade the usual range of protective tools & analysis. By Brett Raybould read more


A Deadly Threat - Maritime Cyber Attacks 

Collisions, Deaths & Disruption: Maritime cyber security needs more investment, better regulation and widespread sharing of threat intelligence. read more


Manufacturers Are Today's Top Target For Cyber Crime

Security By Default: Manufacturing products & services need to implement layers of resilience to deal with their different types of threat. By Andy Dunn read more


Nine Types of Modern Network Security Solutions

Multiple Technologies & Policies: As reliance on digital technology & data intensifies, guaranteeing effective network security is imperative. read more


Data Sovereignty & Data Ownership

Cyber security is not just about IT, it is about data governance and the responsibility for that rests firmly with an organisation's management. By Simon Pamplin read more


Biggest Application Security Breaches Of 2022

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, it is crucial for organizations to stay vigilant and take all necessary steps to prevent data breaches. read more

Mobile Authentication: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Mobile authentication is convenient to use and offers a sense of security, but using these types of device isn’t as secure as it may seem. By Mark Bell read more

Improving Data Security To Ensure Cybersecurity Compliance

NIS 2 Directive: Companies affected by the new directive need to demonstrate the highest levels of cybersecurity compliance. By John Michael read more

Can We Trust AI Decision-Making In Cybersecurity?

AI's Use In Cybersecurity Is Still Evolving:  How will this impact decision-making and can the results of its use be trusted? By Iam Waqas read more  

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