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Newsletter 2023 June #5

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USA & Europe Undergoing  A Wave Of Cyber Attacks

ClOP Ransom Malware: Russia has launched a stream of hacking exploits targeting European and numerous US government agencies & other organisations. read more


Progress Software Has Critical Hacking Vulnerabilities

MOVEit: CISA has identified that another software product has been exploited to breach multiple US federal agencies by “unattributed APT actors”. read more


US Pension Fund Hit By MoveIT Vulnerability

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System - the biggest public pension fund in the US - is the latest victim of ClOP ransom attackers. read more


Canada Challenges Meta Over Access To News

Meta has announced it will shut down access to news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada in a dispute over payment to local sources. read more


Don't Use ChatGPT At Work

Endangering The Organisation: There are numerous potential hazards for staff & employers connected with using ChatGPT in the workplace. read more


Why Are Businesses Ignoring Incident Response?

Not having an Incident Response Plan can be a significant factor in how much impact an attack has and how long it takes to recover. By Phil Robinson read more


How Does Your Board Measure Cyber Resilience?

Adopting A Prevention-First Approach: Going beyond traditional cybersecurity measures means prioritising resilience. By Deryck Mitchelson read more


Employees To Blame For 70% Of Corporate Data Breaches

The Remote Work Time Bomb: Organisations must rebuild a culture that ensures everyone has a security-first mindset, wherever they’re working. read more


What Is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification?

CMMC certification can give your business a competitive edge in the defense contracting marketplace as well as help safeguard national security. read more

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